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Motor Oil Links



Bob is the Oil Guy. The best oil discussion forum on the Interwebs.


Selected Industry Associations

ACEA. European Automobile Manufacturers Association.

ALMU. Asian Lubricant Manufacturers Union.

API. American Petroleum Institute.

ASTM International.

JAMA. Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association.

KAMA. Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association.

PQIA. Petroleum Quality Institute of America

SAE. Society of Automotive Engineers.

STLE. Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers.

Motor oil being poured from a jug. Laboratory flasks representing synthetic motor oil. A drain pan being used to catch used oil being drained from a car engine. The open top of an engine coolant reservoir. Mechanic using a rooling creeper to work under a car. A hydraulic floor jack being used to raise a car. Three automobile engine oil filters. A mechanic using a wrench to work on a car engine.

The gray-bearded author outdoors with a small wild bird on his shoulder and a Buy Me a Coffee tip link